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TROPICAL Cichlid Herbivore Pellet | 250ml - 90g

Vegetable food for herbivorous cichlids
Category/Categories :
1 Fish Food
2 Cichlid
3 Freshwater
4 Pellet & Stick
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  • Enhances fish's overall condition and intensify their coloration
  • Does not contaminate water. Does not disintegrate in water.
  • Everyday feeding ensures excellent condition and health in crustaceans
  • Spirulina facilitates digestive processes and protects against inflammatory disorders



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TROPICAL Cichlid Herbivore | Small Pellet

CICHLID HERBIVORE SMALL PELLET vegetable food for young and small herbivorous cichlids. Vegetable food for everyday feeding of young and small herbivorous cichlids, e.g.: Simochromis diagramma, Pseudotropheus demasoni and other Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group. A high content of fibre regulates the functioning of alimentary tract system, protecting long intestines of herbivorous fish against inflammatory disorders. Spirulina facilitates digestive processes and is the source of numerous vitamins and natural carotenoids. Carotenoids, including astaxanthin, enhance fish's overall condition and intensify their coloration. CICHLID HERBIVORE granules do not disintegrate when soaked, hence do not release any valuable nutrients into the water. Modern production process increases the assimilability of the nutrients.

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