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AQUATIC REMEDIES Microlife S2 | 100ml

Water Conditioner - Keeps fish healthy
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1 Water Conditioners
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  • Contains liquid denitrifying bacteria
  • Biologically degrades uneaten food
  • Controls ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to non-toxic nitrate
  • Keeps aquarium water crystal clear



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Microlife-S2 contains liquid denitrifying bacteria nitrosomonos and nitrobacter bacteria. Nitrosomonos oxidizes ammonia to nitrite & Nitrobacter oxidizes nitrite to non-toxic nitrate.

Microlife-S2 is complete natural product, it biologically degrades uneaten food, fish waste and all other nitrogen compounds. Keeps aquarium water crystal clear.

Dosage: 10 ml / 100 liter

#Tanmay Gurung
Sunday 5th of November 2017
This is very good product.
#Deepak Sigamani
Thursday 25th of May 2017
My fishes were dying occasionally but after started using this I have not seen any single death. Awesome product.
#Maneesh Joshi
Tuesday 11th of April 2017
Did an excellent job at cycling my tanks. Didn't had ammonia spikes and cloudy water on introduction of new fishes. Made in India product rocks!

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