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AV Professional CO2 Regulator

With Bubble Counter & Check Valve
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1 CO2 Regulators & Cylinders
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  • High purity stainless steel regulator body
  • Equipped with hi Bubble Counter & Solenoid Valve
  • Pressure and leak tested



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AV CO2 Regulator | Single Gauge with Solenoid & Bubble Counter

Special designed for Planteded Tank, constant pressure design, high precision turning, easy to use professional CO2 Regulator with Soleniod + Bubble Counter + Check Valve

#Amol Tambey
Tuesday 13th of December 2016
After over a month of use, this thing has not giving me any problems. Sure, its one of the top of the line type regulator you can get.
#Neeraj Shah
Sunday 27th of November 2016
I researched for about a week to figure out what new regulator to get and I almost had one built for me but decided I would give this one a try. I can tell you that it was easy to setup and took minutes to get the flow just right. I have been doing fish tanks for well over a decade and this is really of a very high quality co2 reg with bubble counter.
I will be buying another one soon, very soon!
#Roopa Bhattacharya
Thursday 24th of November 2016
I love this thing, it works just like you hoped it would.
You should get one for sure if you want co2 in your tank.
#Balaswami V
Thursday 24th of November 2016
Works great. Seems to be accurate and easy to use. Would definitely recommend it.
#Rishab Malhotra
Saturday 19th of November 2016
Bought it a couple of weeks ago, seems to be working well so far. Its hooked up to a 2 liter tank. Seems better than other regulator though.
#Rajkamal Sen
Thursday 17th of November 2016
Works like a charm! I installed it on a CO2 cylinder that I got from a local welding supply company for use in a heavily planted 35 gallon aquarium. Impressed & satisfied!!
#Pawan Singh
Monday 7th of November 2016
Superb build quality and performance. Truly a professional grade co2 regulator.
#Abhijit Halder
Tuesday 1st of November 2016
Works great. Seems to be accurate and easy to use. I can say the quality is top notch and well worth the money. Would definitely recommend it.

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