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OCEAN FREE Herbal T2 Anti External Parasite | 120ml

Herbal Medicine for Aquarium
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1 Freshwater
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  • Made with natural chinese herbs
  • Mild and non-toxic
  • React fast against external parasites
  • Fresh and saltwater use



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OCEAN FREE Herbal Anti External Parasite | T2

Chinese herbs are natural, mild and non-toxic. They leave no residual, environmentally safe and most importantly drug resistance. Finally, Ocean Free has succesfully formulated Herbal "Anti-External Parasite" (T2) Treatment to treat all diseases caused by external parasites.

Key Features:

  • Treats white spots, gill fluck, slime disease, anchor germs, fish lice, heximita and other external parasitical diseases
  • React fast against external parasites and get rid of them in a few days time
  • Mild and safe with no harmful chemical ingredients
  • Larger range of safety density with no side effects
  • Totally harmless to beneficial bacteria
  • Suitable for all fishes
  • For freshwater and saltwater

When to use:

  • Curing of white spot, slime disease, gill fluck, anchor germs, fish lice, protozoa, costia, sparazoan, chilodonella, eimeria, mysosporidi, cryptobia-sp, monogenea, heximita and velvet
  • Fishes constantly flipped and rub against objects
  • Abnormal gill movement
  • White spots on fins and body
  • Whitish slime on eye and body
  • Small gold/yellow spots
  • Fish becoming retarded in movement and fish staying near water surface
#Arka Karmakar
Friday 1st of July 2016
The one and only reef safe medicine I got in India and it worked well showing no side effect on my inverts.

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