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Algae Inhibitor for Planted Aquarium
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  • Suitable for upto 60-120cm system
  • Keeps aquarium clean by eliminating spores from the initial algae ropagation
  • Activates microelements in water
  • 1 year warranty



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CHIHIROS Plant Doctor inhibits green algae effectively without a harmful influence on aquarium ecological environment, and keeps aquarium clean by eliminating spores from the initial ropagation.

Sterilizing factor with microbubbles destroy cell wall of green algae to inhibit growth, and it is nontoxic so harmless to aerobic bacteria. Promoting aquatic plants growth by inhibition of green algae on plants, those plants can elevate absorption of excess nutrients to block nourishment of green algae growth. Therefore it makes Virtuous Cycle ecological environment.

CHIHIROS Plant Doctor promotes plants growth up to 50% at the most. It increases the amount of light on the surface of plants by inhibiting algae from the beginning. Also it activates microelements in water to help to take nourishment.

For plants growth several elements are needed (nutrients, moisture, temperature, light etc). If even one thing of these elements is missing, the growth of plants will be controlled by the insufficient ingredient. From soil which set up newly, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium are fully provided but it falls short of microelement. To grow plants quickly in aquarium with enough nutrients, insufficient nutrient should be provided in equilibrium, thus CHIHIROS Plant Doctor increases insufficient microelement and promotes plant's growth rapidly by remove blocked lights by algae.

  • CHIHIROS Plant Doctor | SUPER | Suitable for upto 120-200cm system
  • Now, even a beginner can make beautiful and healthy planted aquarium without the fear of unwanted ugly algae.
  • Effectively eliminate and controls following kind of algae: Hair Algae, Thread Algae, Brown Algae, Blue Green Algae, Fuzz Algae, Green Dust Algae, Green Spot.
  • NO Effect on following kind of algae: Green Water, Black Brush or Black Beard Algae.

1 Year Warranty.

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