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CARIB SEA Purple Up | 473ml

Coralline Algae Accelerator
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  • Pink and purple coralline algae accelerator
  • Does not promote the growth of nuisance algae
  • Excellent addition to any aquarium with stony corals too!



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CaribSea Purple-Up
Coralline Algae Accelerator

Purple-Up™ is a new pink and purple coralline algae accelerator. Since Purple-Up™ is not a fertilizer, it does not promote the growth of nuisance algae.

How does it work?
Purple-Up™ uses a unique dual method approach to coralline algae acceleration. It contains ionic calcium which immediately raises dissolved calcium levels in your aquarium water. At the same time Super Sea Calcium™ (a 10 micron aragonite powder derived from natural seawater) targets the live rock surface. Super Sea Calcium™ dissolves in situ; delivering calcium, strontium, magnesium, and carbonate right where it’s needed. Purple-Up™ also replenishes iodine; an essential element for coralline algae tissues that quickly becomes depleted in closed systems. Purple-Up™ is an excellent addition to any aquarium with stony corals too! One bottle of Purple-Up™ replaces the typical multi product recipe for successful coralline algae growth favored by advanced aquarists.

Shake well before use! Add 1 capful (5ml) per 50 gallons no more than once daily. Place in the sump, near a powerhead outlet, or any high flow area of the system for rapid dispersal. Purple-Up will cause some temporary cloudiness. Check calcium levels regularly. Adjust dosage of purple uptm to maintain calcium levels between 380 ppm and 420 ppm (380 mg/l to 420 mg/l). Do not exceed 420 ppm on a regular basis or significant precipitation will occur. (important! Wait at least 1 hour after using purple up to test calcium levels or erroneously high calcium levels may be indicated.)

#Capt. Sameer Das
Tuesday 13th of September 2016
Money well spent. Loves the purple look of my marine aquarium.
#Mithun Sammader
Friday 9th of September 2016
It really does work, I use it on my 300 liter FOWLR and it has made my live rock noticeably more colorful. Works fairly quickly too.
#Anuj Rampuria
Sunday 14th of August 2016
Excellent product for easy maintenance of Calcium and Iodine in small aquariums. Enhances rapid growth of colorful of coralline algae.
#Alok Tripathi
Tuesday 2nd of August 2016
Just recently decided it was time to start up a new tank and Purple Up is the best way to start your purple coraline algae growing and spreading rapidly.

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